Output 2

Developing an Academic Curriculum for Higher Education Institutions in Animation Field

Output 2 Task Title (O.2.)
Developing an Academic Curriculum for Higher Education Institutions in Animation Field

Activity Leading Organisation

Participating Organisations

Animation education is developing day by day due to changes on technology and the demand from labor market. Academic education on animation is quite limited in Turkey. Only a few university possess 4-year undergraduate education (which are mentioned at D Part of this application).

ERU, also, possesses Animation Major but lack of updated curriculum and technical arrangements, ERU has not resume the education. With this project and collaboration of partners, ERU will develop a new and updated curriculum on animation. Afterwards, ERU Animation Major will resume the education.

This is why a curriculum will be developing during this project.

Together with the curriculum a guide will be develop for educators to understand the objectives.

This output will contain at least:
- A Curriculum,
- A guide for Educators in order to understand the objectives,

Target Groups:
- Universities, vocational school, training centers

This output will be developed on a Text File format (and/PDF) which will also be easily accessible on website, in order to be not only easily used but also disseminate after the end of the project.

It will be developed in English and will be translated to the other partners’ language.

Division of work, the tasks leading to the production of the intellectual output and the applied methodology
UNG has already experience on developing new curriculum. That’s the main reason that UNG is the leader.

ERU is co-leader.
WUSMed and UCLL are supporters.

The methodology will flow as Analyse – Design – Evaluate – Develop – Implement

-Analysis: In order to develop a curriculum, we need to analyse what ERU needs and what is the standard right now. This step aims to define outcomes of the curriculum according to needs. ERU and UNG is the leader of this step. All partners will take part in.

-Design: During this step, the structure of Curriculum will be clarified. UNG is leader of this step. Other partners will take part in. WUSMed and ERU will be quality assurance during the design step.

-Evaluatation: The draft curriculum will be produced and send to all partners. ERU will evaluate the curriculum inside of their committee. Also, other partners will receive the curriculum and evaluate within their educational committee or faculty. Partners are allowed to use internal and external experts in order to evaluate the curriculum.

-Development: The final version of curriculum will be published according to evaluation from each partner. UNG are leader of this step with close cooperation of all partners. Further more ERU is the responsible to test in real condition, but since it’s a whole new curriculum test will take a long time beyond the project dates.

-Implementation: The implementation of curriculum will start after the curriculum is ready.

Work Plan and Deadlines (March 2018 – January 2019)
- Analysis step (March – May 2018)
- Design step (June – September 2018)
- Evaluatation step (October - December 2018)
- Development and Modification step (January - May 2019)

Number of days needed to work on, given in the Intellectual Output Budget Table.