Output 3

Developing Experiential and Innovative Course Material

Output 3 Task Title (O.3.)
Developing Experiential and Innovative Course Material

Activity Leading Organisation

Participating Organisations

The aim of this output 3 to gather other disciplinary and animation together. One semester course will be developed during the project by contribution of each partner. During the 2-year collaboration and analyses of needs, a new course will be developing as a contribution of this Project to Visual Communication Design Disciplinary. All partners have sufficient achievements in the field of animation or education in general. All the experience of partners will add great value to this project.

The material will also include the followings:
- An introduction for educators for the implementation of the course
- The objectives of the course
- Suggested quiz and additional forms of the material
- Evaluation criteria (mid-term exam, final paper, etc. will be decided and develop during the project implementation)

The chapters of each week will be evaluating and the objectives will be clarified by the partners in order to achieve the goals which will be listed at Output 1.

Target Groups
1. Students, The students of Animation will
2. Educators

After the course material is realised, partners will involve it in their curriculum and at the end of first semester, results will be published with others. The report will be developed in English and all the other languages of the partners.

Expected Results:
-A Course Material which brings animation and other disciplinary together. This way, students will gain a different perspective about their main course. Course material will be develop with the contribution of each partner.

Format: Text file, text, Video, Publications, Collection, Oral.

Division of work, the tasks leading to the production of the intellectual output and the applied methodology
UCLL is the leader of the Output 3. They have experience on education on different disciplinary.

ERU is the co-leader.
WUSMed and UNG are supporters.

The methodology used for the New Course Material has been inspired from the ADDIE (Analysis Design Development Implementation Evaluation) method.

-Analysis: In order to achieve a successful and efficient course material, we need to figure out which disciplinary can be synchronized with Animation and raise the success of graduate students in their future. UCLL will be responsible of this step together with ERU.

-Design: During this step, the weekly plan of the New Course will be clarified.  Harmony of each week and one-semester flow is critical. UCLL is leader of the methodology and UNG will be quality assurance during the design step. ERU and WUSMed will be supporters.

-Development: ERU is the leader of this step. It will produce the Course Material and introduce it to the educators in their university. ERU will try to find best strategy to implement the course. UNG is responsible for quality and WUSMed will plan a dissemination strategy for the consortium. 

-Implementation: ERU is main leader of the step. ERU’s staff develop a strategy to implement the new course material for their students. All the other partners will support and mentor ERU.

-Evaluatation: After the implementation in real condition at ERU, the evaluation of course will be done. The objectives of course, efficiency, harmony, impacts will be evaluated separately. If necessary modification will be done. UCLL is the leader of modification. UNG will assurance the quality. WUSMed is the leader to monitor the evaluation step.

Work Plan and Deadlines (February 2018 – August 2019)
- Analysing step (February – May 2018)
- Designing step (June – August 2018)
- Development (September – December 2018)
- Implementation (January – June 2019)
- Evaluation and Modification step (July – August 2019)

Number of days needed to work on, given in the Intellectual Output Budget Table.