Output 1

A Framework: Identification of Needs and Expectation Between Labor Market and Academy

Output 1 Task Title (O.1.)
A Framework: Identification of Needs and Expectation Between Labor Market and Academy

Activity Leading Organisation

Participating Organisations

In order to support universities with the further development of study programmes, the understanding of labor market is critical. It is a structural mechanism to assure that higher education provision delivers the quality and skills needed on the labour market.

Education should be in a position to work autonomously, to acquire new knowledge and find solutions for new problems. Higher education should have the task to assist students to develop such abilities to be successful on the labour market. The development of qualification frameworks is a recognised way to connect labour market needs and higher education provision. These frameworks have the potential to bring together the skill needs of employers, the educational programmes to prepare students with these skills, and the information about the competencies needed for given occupations.

In many countries qualification frameworks are operative, most often established in close collaboration with employers and/or professional organizations. Giving this information will help students make better informed decisions and contribute to raising quality.

The Framework will include following; student satisfaction, course information, employment and earnings outcomes / salary data, financial information of academies (such as fees, accommodation, etc), labor market needs/expectations, academy offers.

In order to identify these information, CDICAE will include surveys, researches and meetings with stakeholders.

Division of work, the tasks leading to the production of the intellectual output and the applied methodology
WUSMed is the leader of the Output 1. They have experience on research and analyses. That’s why they have been chosen the most suitable partner for this output.

UCLL is the co-leader. ERU and UNG are supporters.

The methodology used for the Framework has been inspired from the ADDIE (Analysis Design Development Implementation Evaluation) method.

-Analysis: According to out discussion made during the application of the project, we come to conclusion that “to understand the labor market and academy is precious for students when deciding their future.”
WUSMed will be the leader of this step and all the other partners will take part in.

-Design: During this step, the structure of the Framework will be clarified. UCLL is leader of the methodology and WUSMed is still the leading partner. UNG will be quality assurance during the design step. ERU will be administrative supporter.

-Development: ERU is the leader of this step. It will produce the Framework and disseminate it. UNG is responsible for quality and WUSMed will plan a dissemination strategy for the consortium. 

-Implementation: All the partners are equally involved in this step. The Framework will be used in real condition. Means, organization will reach the potential students/their students/educators etc. and share the framework with them. -Evaluatation: After the implementation in real condition, each partner will evaluate the impacts in their country. If necessary modification will be done. UCLL is the leader of modification. WUSMed is the leader to monitor the evaluation step.

Work Plan and Deadlines (December 2017 – December 2018)
- Analysing step (December 2017 – April 2018)
- Designing step (April – June 2018)
- Development (July 2018)
- Implementation (August – October 2018)
- Evaluation and Modification step (November  - December 2018)

Number of days needed to work on, given in the Intellectual Output Budget Table.

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